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Improving Network and Data Center Efficiency Featured Image

Improving Network and Data Center Efficiency

by: Bryon Turcotte  /  November 13, 2013

Many technology professionals believe that the enterprise data infrastructure will greatly expand or become nonexistent in the next decades, according to a recent article written by Art Cole for Enterprise Networking Planet. Cole explains to enterprise users, "_You'll either have to massively scale your architecture up or out, or you'll be leasing capacity on someone else's_," according to his report.

Within the article, Cole evaluates hardware and software solutions that are focused on the optimization of energy consumption and how this improves the efficiency of a network infrastructure and data center for the enterprise user. As he projects his evaluation further in the article, Cole states, "_Much of this growth will take place on the logical/virtual layer, but at some point, data has to encounter the real world. The expansion of physical layer infrastructure will come into play, which inevitably leads to issues of overpowering and cooling._"

For an added layer of evaluation, the article includes thoughts from Jeff Lucket, Director of Engineering at MBX Systems, a developer of dedicated data appliances. Lucket said, "_If you look at how network technology is evolving, it doesn't appear that SDN and other solutions will produce much more efficient than what we have today. But as you project things out, it is clear that the network will be a lot more power-hungry than it is today._"

The article indicates that in the future, enterprise users will discover methods of how to expand capacity and performance while sustaining the power requirements they currently desire. Cole notes, "This isn't as easy as it sounds."

Read more of Art Cole's article and find out what could be in store for the enterprise user in the near future here at Enterprise Networking Planet.

Written by Bryon Turcotte  /  November 13, 2013