Industry Insight: Malware Redefined

Aviv Raff, Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer, and core-technologist at Seculert, shares useful insight – outlining how the enterprise marketplace must accept the changed “nature of malware” – in a recent article published on the Security Week web site. In this informative article, Raff reveals, “I’ve often noticed that despite all of the major changes that the business world has experienced over the past few years — many of which could be classified as transformational innovations and total reinventions — we’re often stuck using the same old terms to describe completely new things.” In the article, Raff clarifies his view of the term “malware” and as an example shows how in today’s business world “there are situations where failing to grasp an old term’s new meaning can pose a significant danger to the stability, success and in some cases, survival of an enterprise.

Raff writes in the article that in the early days of computer technology “malware was typically created and deployed by script kiddies bent on flexing their programming muscles.” He notes that along with the “harmless pranks” that popped up around the world, some attacks were “severe” and “all were technically illegal.” In those days, although frustrating, these events were not “devastating” – and as his words in the article state “the enterprise world” concluded that “setting up perimeter security (e.g. signature-based antivirus products, firewalls, secure web gateways, and so on) was enough to keep malware from infecting their network and causing major damage“. Those days are gone. As the article continues, Raff informs that in many ways the enterprise world is “unrecognizably different compared to years ago” and “today’s malware is a completely different and a qualitatively more dangerous threat.

Read more of Raff’s insights about the serious changes in malware that have taken place over a short period of time in the informative full article here at the Security Week web site.

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