Insight: Server Innovation Moves Slow

Commentary from some technology professionals can give the impression that enterprise users might be investing their time with plans and strategies targeting big data but no time purchasing the next generation appliances to support the plan, according to an article recently posted on Information Week.

The article’s author and IT veteran, Art Wittmann, creates some interesting questions by stating, “A reading of the headlines of the day…will leave you certain that IT shops everywhere are storing and processing big data…then surely they’re instrumenting every machine they have in a bid to capitalize on emerging Internet of things technology to improve manufacturing or predict part failures before they happen, right?

The report notes that this time in history is rare and one when new technology meets new applications and promises to reshape the nature of business. Wittman comments in the article by saying, “And then there’s the reality we see in our data about servers, the workhorses that would have to be doing all this exotic computing.” Wittmann jokes, “The data paints a picture as boring as a Wagnerian opera, and it takes just about as long to get to a point.

Read more of Art Wittmann’s comments regarding the slow movement of server innovation here in the full article at Information Week.

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