Insight: Smart Online Security Practices

Industry experts agree that in this generation of “big data” any individual who wishes to access a network to connect to the internet, invites potential threats against their personal privacy, and in larger settings, could create issues that could affect our national security, according to a recent article published by Tech News World. The article states that individuals should be sensitive and prepare for “danger in advance, whether it is online or off”.

An attack against a government agency, a financial institution, or a location that stores a significant amount of data could have a catastrophic aftermath – leaving this scenario one of the greatest challenges currently facing the technology industry, according to the article. As the article continues, experts state that the problem amplifies as “we currently operate with an outdated legal and policy framework that governs how data is collected, stored, shared and used” – leaving us more vulnerable for security breaks.

The article outlines a numbers of points to help everyone examine what needs to be done and how all can work to “focus on prevention and being properly prepared” to insure the “safety and security” of the people, ideals and things we care about most.

An important question comes from this article: “Should Big Data and cyberspace as a whole be compromised or ultimately attacked, what will we do then?”

Find out more details regarding this points and read some industry insight in the original article here at Tech News World.

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