Insight: Thoughts About Ethical Hackers

In recent history the term “Hacker” most often leaves people with the impression of “evil” in their minds. A recent article published by Wired Magazine outlines the public’s view of the hacker and how the name “conjures up images of some basement-dwelling, pimply geek who gets off on trying to hack the Pentagon“, as writer Richard Kastelein humorously states. In the article he reminds us that we have cherished the idea that these individuals do nothing but mess with the computers of “ordinary people” while “making misery of our lives as we battle spam, malware, Trojans and other forms of time-wasting and spending money hand over fist getting things back to normal.

Kastelein shares some important insight that “the idea of hacking and hackers is changing” and how the “ethical hacker” has become a new breed of “alchemist of the 21st century” by saying, “Hackers speak many languages, but in principle what makes them alchemists — is they all speak the mysterious language of code. Forget Esperanto… code is the lingo that essentially is binding us all into one universal binary language.

According to his Wired article, Kastelein says that they are becoming “the new elite, the solvers of some of societies largest issues and are cutting apps that are fundamentally changing the way we evolve and live today.

Read more of Richard Kastelein’s insights here in the full Wired article.

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