Israeli Defense Ministry Computers Hit by Hackers

Official reports from Israeli security experts at Seculert stated that hackers have successfully compromised a defense ministry computer, according to an article published on the Jewish Voice website. The article indicates that attackersbroke into an via an email attachment tainted with malicious software.” The article indicates that “Securlet had not determined what the hackers did after the initial infection.

According to the article, “hackers earlier this month temporarily took over 15 computers, one of them belonging to the Civil Administration for Judea and Samaria” as confirmed by Aviv Raff, the Chief Technology Officer at Seculert. Raff was reported in the article to have told Reuters that “Palestinian Arabs were suspected to be behind the cyber attack, citing similarities to a cyber assault on Israeli computers waged more than a year ago from a server in Hamas-ruled Gaza.”

In the article, Raff was quoted to say, “All we know is at least one computer at the Civil Administration was in control of the attackers; what they did we don’t know.” The report indicates that this attack originated from “a server in the United States” but that officials questioned declined comments on the event by saying “We are not commenting on it, we don’t respond to such reports.” The article continued to confirm that “several hacking attacks targeting Israelis” have occurred over “the past year or so.

Read more about this attack and how the Israeli government is dealing with the aftermath in the full article at the Jewish Voice website.

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