Japan Hosts Global Security Event in February

Japan will host the Code Blue Conference on February 17 and 18 – attracting “computer security experts” from around the globe to examine and “discuss cutting-edge measures against cyberattacks“, according to an article published on the Stuff website. The article indicates that “world-class computer security experts” or “white hat hackers” will be in attendance at this timely event. This will be the first time that Japan will host an “international” event dealing with this subject matter, according to the article.

The article states that due to “growing concern over a rapid increase in cyberattacks“, a group of Japanese experts decided to plan this event where they can “present and share information on computer and information security.” Japanese security professionals expect Code Blue to be an event viewed much like the Black Hat – which attracts approximately “10,000 people every year to listen to presentations by famous hackers“, according to the article. The Black Hat – a well known international gathering – has not been held in Japan since 2008, so there is a current goal to hold an event equivalent to it in Japan this year.

According to the report, Code Blue will host “keynote speeches” by legendary hacker and US Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Council member, Jeff Moss and Naval Postgraduate School senior lecturer Chris Eagle. A Code Blue spokeswoman was quoted in the article to say, “Code Blue is a hospital emergency code that indicates a patient in need of immediate medical attention, or that calls for relevant teams to respond immediately. We named the conference after the code because we hope to save the world by combining people’s knowledge

Read more about the Code Blue conference and what Japanese security experts feel will be its outcome – here, in the full article at the Stuff website.

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