McAfee Report Warns of a Thriving Cybercrime Industry

The security firm McAfee Labs has recently released their fourth quarter “threat report” which clearly warns of a “burgeoning cybercrime industry” and how it functions as the supplier of “malicious code“, misuses “legitimate code-signing certificates“, and is specifically responsible for numerous additional infractions, according to an article published on the Web Hosting Industry Review website. The McAfee report clearly states, according to the article, “how the cybercrime industry is providing the malware that seems to be behind high-profile attacks.”

The article indicates that victimized retailers such as Neiman Marcus, White Lodging, and Michaels Stores are a small group of many that “seem to have been victims of off-the-shelf point-of-sale malware in 2013.” These attacks open the door for invaders to “sell stolen credit card information on the online black market” where there are approximately “360 million stolen sets of personal credentials and 1.25 billion email addresses” available for purchase as well, according to the article. The security firm’s report states that “enabling and monetizing the results of these attacks” has been a “key role” for the cybercrime industry to play in their criminal games, according to the article.

According to the WHIR article, “the McAfee Labs malware zoo” – a company archive of “unique malware samples” – grew to approximately 196 million examples which calculates to a 15 percent increase. Unfortunately,as the article continues to state, “the number and variety of attacks in the wild seem to be growing.” The firm’s researchers also found that “compromised devices”  have proven “profound business security implications” since many people are allowed by many organizations to “bring their own devices to work and connect to their networks.”

Read more about McAfee’s report in the full article and what this damaging  “industry of cybercrime” has affected over the past months and will do in the future.

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