Microsoft Blog Site Attacked by Hackers

The Microsoft blog site –  dedicated to the Office software suite –  was attacked this week by the hacking group called the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), according to an article published both by the GMA Network and Tech Crunch. The GMA article indicates that the attackers defaced the blog site and “boasted about the attack on their Twitter account.” According to the GMA article, soon after Microsoft went public with their redesigned blog site for Office, the SEA “hacked and defaced the site multiple times.”

The articles report that the hacking group “promised more attacks on Microsoft” and they delivered. The group posted several articles on the site titled “hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army” and then posted screenshots of the Microsoft Office blog’s administration panel on Twitter, according to the article. The SEA then taunted Microsoft with the statement quoted in the article to say, “Changing the CMS will not help you if your employees are hacked and they don’t know about that.”

Several days before this attack, according to the GMA article, Microsoft reported that the Syrian Electronic Army hackers “were able to access a ‘small number’ of employee email accounts.” The GMA article reported that “some details of internal conversations were posted at the same time Microsoft’s official news blog and Twitter account were compromised earlier this month.” This group was also responsible for attacking the “official Xbox support Twitter account” and  “the official Skype blog and Twitter account” at the beginning of this year, according to the GMA article.

A quoted update which was included in the GMA article said, “A targeted cyber-attack temporarily affected the Microsoft Office blog. The account was quickly reset and we can confirm that no customer information was compromised.

Read more about this attack and how we should be reminded how accounts can be compromised due to simple email phishing here at the full article here at the GMA Network and at Tech Crunch.

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