Microsoft Fights Hard Against Cybercrime

In an attempt to accelerate the current battle against the world-wide cyber crime issue, technology giant Microsoft has announced the launch of a “new state of the art Cybercrime Center specifically designed to battle botnets, malware and other various forms of internet crime“, according to a recent article published by Entrepreneur magazine. The article indicates that this “center“, the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU), is currently active in the disruption “of the most serious cybercrime threats currently facing modern society.

According to reports, security company McAfee estimates that the total cost of cyber crime was approximately “$300 billion” in 2013. The article states that “one in five small businesses have now been on the receiving end of an attack and every day one million more individuals become victims of cyber-criminal activity.”  The report confirms that the Microsoft DCU team – consisting of “international technical and legal experts” have been actively “working around the clock”  with a goal of securing the internet and “making it a safer place.

Assistant general counsel for Microsoft’s DCU, Richard Boscovich and his team “closed down one of the world’s largest spambots, which was infecting in excess of 2.5 million computers per day“, according to the article. After a “temporary restraining order” was issued “against the spammers” and with some additional acts by the courts, Microsoft was able “to seize the computer servers that were responsible for infecting all the computers” resulting in a successful win in the battle, according to the article.

The article quoted Boscovich to say, “They were basic common law principles, used in a totally unique way to address 21st century problems. I never envisioned seizing computer servers used as a botnet command and control center by using the Lanham Act’s trademark violations.

Read more in the full Entrepreneur article about the Microsoft Cybercrime Center and how they are making strides in the battle against these serious threats.

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