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Midwest to West Coast – Road Tripping with Hostwinds Featured Image

Midwest to West Coast – Road Tripping with Hostwinds

by: Hostwinds Team  /  December 4, 2018

Right about this time every year, I start getting nostalgic for summer. The ever-constant winter rain of Seattle, paired with the constant darkness that inevitably comes with being so far from the equator, and a rigorous work schedule, all begins to feel oppressive as we trudge through into December. I start to yearn for the sunshine and the birds, and my absolute favorite part of summer: Road Trips. I have perfected the art of the road trip over the years. You need an amazing playlist that spans several genres, so you never have to search. You need a cooler packed with full-sugar soda, sandwiches, baby carrots, and fruit. You will also need a killer pair of sunglasses!
Thinking of epic road trips got me thinking about journeys in general, and here at Hostwinds, we have taken a few journeys of our own. I am currently thinking of the one that landed us, literally, where we are today. October 17th, 2010, could have been a day like any other, but it wasn't. It was the day that Peter Holden, our fearless leader, published For the last eight years, we have been disrupting the hosting industry by offering award-winning services and world-class support.
Founded in Tulsa, OK, we flourished for six years, but at our rate of growth, and with the rate that we needed to hire, the tech pool to pull from was diminishing quickly. Peter decided it was time for a change. We needed a city with a well-developed pool of technical people looking for a change. We also wanted a robust transportation system and data center locations to expand to. The selection was quickly narrowed down to San Francisco or Seattle. While both cities have their benefits, the cost of server space and living in San Francisco would have driven our prices up, and that was not something Peter was willing to do.
Seattle, it was! We officially opened our office in Seattle in April of 2016, and after a lot of work from our CEO and COO, our office was transformed from a lot of boxes into a fully functional command center. Shortly after, we began scouting talent in Seattle and maintained a staff of between 3 and 5 people. Once this office was established, we moved our Front Line Technicians to the Seattle office and officially became our Head Quarters. As we round the corner into our 9th year of business, our last remaining employee in Tulsa is moving to Seattle, thus completing our transition from the Midwest to the West Coast. We are looking forward to many more years here in this robust city. With abundant talent and ample server space, it is home for us now.

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  December 4, 2018