Millions of German Email Accounts Hacked, says BSI

Germany’s Federal Office for Security (BSI) has recently reported that approximately 16 million email users have had their account details compromised by hackers, according to an article published on the IT Pro website. The article indicated that the attacked computers were infected with software that allowed cyber-criminals to collect “email addresses and passwords” from their individual owners.

The report confirmed that the BSI has launched “a website for people to check if their accounts have been compromised.” Unfortunately, the web site has experience a number of crashes due to the “weight of demand by worried users“, according to the article. The BSI realeased a statement – translated from German – which was quoted in the article to say, “In the analysis of botnets by research institutions and law enforcement agencies around 16 million were compromised user accounts. The email addresses have been handed over to the BSI so affected users can be informed and take necessary protective measures.”

An additional warning from the BSI , as stated in the article, announces that users touched by this attackcould be at risk of identity theft” and advised that victims should immediately “check PCs for malware and change passwords for email accounts, social networking sites and online stores“. The German agency has not yet commented on any details about the botnet – when it was analysed, who is responsible or the exact time the attack to place, according to the article.

Read more about this event and other attacks that have had similar affects in other countries in the full article here at the IT Pro website.

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