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Minecraft Updates: 1.16 Snapshots 20W15A, 20W16A, & 20W17A Featured Image

Minecraft Updates: 1.16 Snapshots 20W15A, 20W16A, & 20W17A

by: Hostwinds Team  /  April 28, 2020

Minecraft is truly outdoing itself these days with the release of the last three snapshots. As we peek into the beautiful and colorful world residing in Minecraft 1.16, there are certainly more than a few eye-catching advancements worth discussing. To that end, this blog post will review most of the effects added in the 20W15A, 20W16A, and 20W17A Minecraft Snapshots.

If you are brand new to the wonderful world of Minecraft, we've got you covered. We'll define some Minecraft nomenclature along the way.

But wait, Minecraft novice, there's more!

While perusing through the Hostwinds blog archives, we found (or 'mined,' you could say ?) a gem – a blog post offering some preliminary information about Minecraft that will help you get started. Click the link below to check it out!

The Omnipotent Powers of The Minecraft Expert

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It's now that time to examine the exquisite additions to Cave Game! Did you know Minecraft was initially entitled "Cave Game" by any chance? Yep, "Cave Game" evolved into the epic-sounding "Minecraft: Order of the Stone." Now, we've got the iconic "Minecraft." It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? While we're enjoying a nice Minecraft history lesson, it may interest you to know Minecraft was (corny pun coming up:) crafted by Markus Persson, who later sold the program to Mojang for, let's just say, a lot of money. Alright, folks, we've waited long enough to review these fine-looking updates. Here we go!

Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20W15A

Although snapshots 20W16A & 17A offer no shortage of cool effects, 20W15A might be our favorite, particularly because of 15A's introduction of a remarkably unique new biome.

What is a Biome in Minecraft?

A biome represents the geography and attributes of a certain region in the vast Minecraft world. Every biome is a distinctive habitat with its very own terrain, colors, foliage, etc.

The types of beings, or "Mobs" (we'll get to that term soon here) that inhabit a biome reflect its geographic characteristics. Examples of biomes include sunflower plains, mushroom fields, and snowy tundras.

Basalt Deltas

From flakes of white volcanic ash and rapidly-spawning cubes of magma to lava lakes out of which rock formations emerge, the Basalt Deltas truly paint an extraordinary picture. There is no doubt that a volcano went absolutely bananas in this area. Basalt columns and pillars, Blackstone, and cool new shapes and patterns make this biome magical. The 20W15A snapshot even added new calming sounds to hum along to as you explore the Basalt Deltas.

The 20W15A Snapshot gave us this noteworthy biome and even evolved striders to scowl more and turn purple-ish when they are outside of lava. These bizarre beings can still spawn in lava, but only if there is an air block on top of the lava block.

Little baby striders can hop on the backs of regular-sized striders for a piggyback ride with this new update too. Now, you may be wondering:

What is a Minecraft Strider?

A strider is a passive mob that can move around on lava! Striders are peculiar little creatures that are challenging to describe with words. Speaking of 'mob,' are we getting ahead of ourselves here?

What is a Mob in Minecraft?

Mobs are sentient beings that maneuver around various biomes in Minecraft. Mobs can be passive, hostile, or neutral.

Passive Mobs include non-threatening creatures like bats, and Hostile Mobs include more, well, hostile beings like Creepers and Skeletons. There are even certain mobs that can be tamed, like, for instance, Ocelots. You can tame these cheetah-looking jungle cats with fish.

Neutral Mobs will not attack you unless you attack them, and they will attack during the day only.

Did You Know This About The Creeper Mob?

The hostile mob famously called "The Creeper" was actually a bug in code. Speaking of "creepy," did you know that the intensely creepy and ominous language spoken by the hostile mob called "The Elderman" is mainly just English words uttered backward?

More About Creepers: Those cute jungle cats we mentioned earlier, Ocelots, terrify Creepers. What an ironically adorable touch!

Oops, we went on a tangent.

Back to the Update: A Pilgin banner was added!

What is a Piglin in Minecraft?

Piglins are piggy-looking neutral mobs that are armed with either a golden sword or a crossbow. Oh, and speaking of Piglins, with this update, they are aggressive toward a player when items including chests, barrels, golden blocks, and gold ores are broken open.

While we're in the realm of pigs, baby Hoglins do not drop their usual pork chops and other loot because of the 20W15A Snapshot—interesting choice Minecraft developers, interesting choice.

More 20W15A Newness: You are now able to cut the pumpkin head off a Snow Golem using shears. Confession: We find these random additions to be altogether marvelous!

What are Minecraft Snow Golems?

Snow Golems are snowmen that you can create by simply stacking a jack-o-lantern or carved pumpkin on the top of two stacked snow blocks. Snow Golems are passive mobs that thrive in colder regions like the snow tundra biome. If you would like to melt a snow golem, simply ensure that water or rain touches it.

Even More 20W15A Newness: You can shear Mooshrooms if you would like to turn them into ordinary cows.

What are Minecraft Mooshrooms?

Mooshrooms are cows that sort of resemble mushrooms because of their markings and the little mushrooms that grow on their backs. These cow-mushroom hybrids spawn in mushroom field biomes. As many as 8 Mooshrooms can be in a herd.

You Guessed it – More 20W15A Newness: Horses (tamed horses, that is) and pigs can have saddles and armor put on them. Additionally, players can load chests onto llamas (tamed llamas, that is) or donkeys (tamed donkeys, that is).

As a Minecraft explorer, you can also put a nice little mat on a llama if you so choose.

Let's Get to the Blocks!

This update brought about much more than a few new blocks, although the blocks it introduced are awesome! Let's talk about them.

Quartz Bricks and Carved Nether Bricks were two additions that gave Minecrafters much to work with while building.

The 20W15A Snapshot also brought about Cracked Nether Bricks. You can crack these bricks by smelting them within a furnace.

Chiseled Nether Bricks are a new variation of nether bricks that are made with two nether brick slabs.

Blackstone was a big crowd favorite, as it is very sleek-looking and can be polished or turned into bricks. Not to mention polished brick Blackstone and cracked polished Blackstone bricks are new variants added in this Snapshot.

There are even blocks of gilded Blackstone that have gold chunks in them. Players can actually mine those gold nuggets when the Blackstone is broken up. You can build stairs, slabs, or walls of Blackstone.

Speaking of Walls: Walls can link to panes of glass blocks, sea pickles, and bars of iron.

One More Cool Thing About Blackstone: Cobblestone, step aside because players can now also use Blackstone to create or craft stoves and tools (such as hoes, shovels, pressure plates, and swords).

Speaking of Tools: Players can use hoes to mine leaves.

Fire of the Soul

Another sterling addition to Minecraft brought about by the 20W15A Snapshot is the Soul C**ampfire**. It functions similarly to the regular campfire but has a blue hue with a ten-light level (as opposed to the regular campfire's 15 light level).

Rather than coal, soul campfires are powered by soul sand or soul soil. You can also make torches out of soul fire! Soul campfires drive away mobs.

Good News: Certain blocks like twisting vines, fungus, roots, warts, and sprouts are now compostable!


Additional music was added to the Minecraft experience courtesy of composer Lena Raine. Three original songs made it on the update.


In terms of communication updates, chats got updated to allow you to adjust the chat time limit from zero to six seconds. You can also alter your line spacing on chats.

The 20W15A snapshot also gave us some new tags.

What are Minecraft Tags?

Tags are like attributes of each object or being that define its functionality. Nearly every block has tags assigned to it. For instance, one of the tags a Minecraft monster has defines what it drops when you kill it.

Hostwinds Support Team Representative, David, provided this example to help us out: Skeletons drop bones. However, you as the user can change what the skeletons drop to anything you want. Tags are set by the developers of Mojang, but you can change those tags anytime as long as the types you enter are matching the expected values.

That pretty much covers what we've got in terms of the 20W15A Snapshot. 20W16A, here we come!

Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20W16A

Minecraft's 20W16A Snapshot delighted us with new portals, blocks, and sights to see.

New Block Alert: Chain Blocks. Not just chain blocks, but chain blocks that can float in the air if you would like them to.

Bastion Remnants

New structures called Bastion Remnants emerged for the 20W16A Snapshot. Such remnants include a room of treasure and a Hoglin stable.

Another perk of the 1.16 Snapshot 20W16A update are the ruined portals. These portals are within all Nether biomes and Overworld biomes, and you can even find some under the sea!

There is way more where that came from for that Snapshot, but we'll leave you with this for today.

Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20W17A

We'll begin with some information pertaining to those trusty and enchanting soul fire torches. Well, in this update, they are simply renamed to be soul lanterns and soul torches.

Ruined portals also came up again in this Snapshot because they don't spawn as much as they did previously. Good to know, good to know.

More 20W17A Effects: You can now tack a pressure plate or banner on a wall to create a wall post.

Entity distance was another evolution that came about with the release of this Snapshot. You can now scale from 50-500% entity distance.

Technical Touches Debuted For This Snapshot: Players are able to adjust their chat font and select between a wider range of colors. Moreover, chats now accept all Unicode characters.

Other than that, a few bugs were fixed, a few tags were added, and a few menu items were changed for the 20w17A Snapshot. If you are a single player and you haven't created a world as of yet, you will be directed to the "Create New World" menu, which now has more options to choose from.

We didn't even get into all the details regarding these three updates, so make sure to play around with the game and check out one or two Minecraft-related online resources. As for the future for 1.16, our guess is that it is likely coming out soon!

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Before we go, here are a couple of hacks that may help you as you heroically wander through the endearing Minecraft universe:

  • If a wolf's tail is down, its health isn't great. If it is up, its health is all good.
  • Put a pumpkin over your head, and Eldermen won't see you.

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Keep mining, keep creating, keep crafting, and keep exploring folks. We'll see you next time.

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  April 28, 2020