Money Laundering Link Puts Web Host at Risk

LeaseWeb, a Netherlands-based web hosting provider, has been warned by The Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) to disable the streaming video website or be charged as an accomplice to money laundering offenses, according to a recent article published at The Web Host Industry Review website. The report indicates that the website’s IP address was blocked by the hosting company in November after take down procedures were followed and TheShowDepot was notified of the copyright complaint.

Alex de Joode, LeaseWeb Senior Regulatory Counsel, was quoted in the article to say, “Under Dutch law, as long as we follow the before mentioned principles, there is NO criminal liability for hosts in the Netherlands. According to the eCommerce Directive the legislative regime in a third country (in this case the UK) can NOT be stricter than the legislative regime in the host country (in this case the Netherlands).  Any claim otherwise is unfounded.

In the article, Mr. de Joode stated that LeaseWeb “agreed upon principles between the content owners, hosting companies (like LeaseWeb), the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Dutch Justice department (NTD Code of Conduct)” and noted that “FACT is the only organization, as far as he’s aware, that uses unsubstantiated claims around money laundering.” Further into the report, de Joode said that the claims from FACT are “suspicious” and added that they hinder “the processing of NTD requests (the Dutch notice-and-take down Code of Conduct).

Read more about the FACT warning and what laws web hosting companies are obligated to follow in the original article at The Web Host Industry Review website.

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