Nearing the Holidays!

Hello Again Hostwinners!

We’re getting closer to the holidays and with that comes a lot of improvement to Hostwinds systems. We’re currently working on an entirely new site for shoutcast and teamspeak hosting so keep an eye out for that! Spirits are high here at Hostwinds as we continue to strive in giving the best hosting support that is absolutely possible. We have been getting more positive feedback lately which is only encouraging us to try harder!

We have been putting a lot of focus into how we are going to grow as a company and as employees. Our client-employee relationships need to stay intact for us to continue growing at the rate we are – and we know that! More work on our infrastructure is being done by our developer which should increase the speed and efficiency of how we answer support tickets and help our clients.

We are also nearing completion of our free template for those who do not wish to pay for cPanel – which will be a nice break on clients with a tight budget!

Thanks again for reading! Have a happy holiday season and until next time,

-Daniel M., Chief Operations Officer

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