New Plan for Advanced Threat Protection Announced by Symantec

Security software giant Symantec recently released a statement revealing plans for “an entirely new approach to advanced threat protection (ATP)“, according to a recent article published on the Wall Street Journal website. The article indicates that this announcement unveils “a roadmap of integrated solutions that demonstrates the security innovation power that only it can deliver to help customers solve their most complex problems.” Symantec announced that “two new offerings” will be the fuel that propels this initiative, according to the report.

The two solutions, as shown in the article, “Symantec Managed Security Services – Advanced Threat Protection” and Symantec Advanced Threat Protection Solution, promises to provide “unparalleled defenses and more value” to its customers. The article continues to note that this solution also promises to “correlate alerts and intelligence across a range of security technologies to deliver more comprehensive attack prevention” delivering “stronger protection and more value to businesses.” Data from Symantec indicates within the article that their “endpoint solutions” and tools “protect a base of 200 million endpoints” in addition to their “current email and web security solutions that review over 8.4 billion email messages and 1.7 billion web requests a day.”

Jon Oltsik, senior principal analyst for Enterprise Security Group (ESG), was quoted in the article to say, “Symantec is well positioned to deliver an end-to-end advanced threat solution by building on the technologies it offers today, integrating across its portfolio, and delivering it as a service enhanced by an evolving partner ecosystem…Symantec can really address a multitude of enterprise cybersecurity requirements.” Brian Dye, senior vice president of Symantec Information Security, was also quoted in the article to say, “To successfully defend against the types of targeted attacks we’re seeing today, you need to expand the focus from prevention to detection and response. Network security alone isn’t going to solve the problem. Adversaries are targeting all control points from the gateway to email to the endpoint. Organizations need security across these control points working together, with incident response capabilities and global information intelligence, to beat the bad guys. Symantec is bringing that powerful arsenal to market.

Read more about Symantec’s plan in the full article, the details behind each solution and the possible impact they will have on the security stage for businesses today.

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