New Web Hosting Servers Deployment…Again!

Well it seems like just last month I was finally starting Hostwinds V2’s initial server launch. Well actually it was about half a month ago. Hostwinds has done nothing but grow since that time. Our new much more powerful servers have given us the leg up over other web hosting providers. Our customer service is better, our servers are faster, and we are better than the rest. We have big dreams and goals for the company and we are glad you have chosen us as the host you want to grow with. We hope to one day be filling up server racks with speedy Hostwinds websites.


Maybe the above picture is a little much to hope for…..this year at least. We are on the right track though, we plan to have 2 more servers deployed in our Data center by the end of this month. This will bring our grand total number of servers to 4! We are growing very quickly and we are probably expanding faster than most hosts because we want our client’s websites to always be the fastest. Hostwinds does not tolerate slow page load speeds and neither should you! If you email or open a ticket letting us know that you think your website is loading slow we will not only investigate the issue on our side, we will investigate your individual website for free and offer some pointers to speed it up.

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