PEI Systems Hacked Several Times in Two Years

Government systems owned and operated by the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island (P.E.I) have fallen victim to “six major cyber attacks over the past two years“,¬†according to an article published on Canada’s CBC News website. The article indicates that these attacks compromised a number of email accounts allowing the hackers to “install malware and obtain administrative usernames and passwords.”

These “data breaches” allowed attackers to gain access to “more than 200 administrative usernames and passwords to allow modifications to the province’s website“, according to information, which as confirmed in the report, was obtained by CBC News “under the province’s Freedom of Information Act.” Details about how these breaches happened was not exposed in government statements, but the article did indicate that the existing system has been changed so “hackers can’t gain access again using the same exploit.”

Scott Cudmore, one of the province’s directors within the information technology division was quoted in the article to say, “The province has been continuously improving the depth and level of the security, again in the face of an ever-increasing number of exploits that’s available. At no time over the past two years have hackers obtained any personal information.” Although, the article did continue to note that within the time frame of one week in the month of June 2013 “a small number of government email accounts” were compromised “using malware, malignant software programs” which effected “accounts using common passwords, including the person’s username.” Per province officials, the accounts that were victimized used “weak passwords“, according to the article.

Read more about these government breaches and what the province has planned for future in the full article at CBC News.

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