Red Hat Plans to Purchase Inktank for $175M

North Carolina-based company Red Hat has announced their plans to purchase the “software-defined storage company” Inktank for approximately $175 million, according to an article published on the Web Host Industry Review website. Inktank’sobject and block storage technology“, according to the article, will prove to be a major win for the open source giant since it has been successfully assisting users to “scale their cloud storage to the exabyte-level on cost-effective commodity hardware” for the past two years.

Red Hat expects the acquisition of  Inktank to have closure in May where it will then be “positioned to become a leader in open, software-defined storage“, according to the article. The article states that Ceph, an “open source, software-defined storage system” is currently used by Inktank, which according to the OpenStack Foundation, has become increasingly popular “among users of the OpenStack framework.” The report notes that “approximately 20 percent of all OpenStack clouds deploy Ceph for block storage” which confirms the logic behind Red Hat’s decision.

According to the WHIR report, Inktank Ceph Enterprise, the primary offering from Inktank, “allows users to run production Ceph clusters at scale and improve the economics and management of storage on public and private clouds.” This acquisition expects to “drive further development of the open-source Ceph project”, and help in propelling its popularity and “assist more organizations use this technology in cloud computing environments“, according to the article. Brian Stevens, Red Hat EVP and CTO, was quoted in the article to say, “Inktank has done a brilliant job assembling a strong ecosystem around Ceph and we look forward to expanding on this success together. The strength of these world-class open storage technologies will offer compelling capability as customers move to software-based scale-out storage systems.”

Read more about this new acquisition in the full article and review what plans Red Hat has to propel itself higher in the technology marketplace.

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