Report: Download Speeds Are Slow in US, Ranked 31st in World

The United States of America is listed 31st in a ranking for the world’s consumer download speeds, according to information released by Ookla, a broadband testing firm, published in an article on the CNet News website.

Ookla’s data places the United States below many countries and shows Hong Kong and Singapore as two of the top five countries listed, according to the article. The article states that Hong Kong has a listed download speed of 71.22 Mbps but the United States is listed at 20.74 Mbps. This data is compiled from millions of tests conducted over the world, according to the article.

The article continues to say that the United States has a lower ranking “because of its size and lack of Internet infrastructure”. Unfortunately, as the article outlines, the United States still has “many areas where the Internet is slow, intermittent, or just available via dial-up.”

Read more details about this recent report here in the full article at CNet News.

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