Reports Say Britain Unprepared for Cybercrime

Law enforcement organizations in Great Britain are said to be “unprepared for cybercrime”, according to a recent article published by OneStopClick News. The article indicates that only “three forces nationwide” have “developed a comprehensive strategy in their Strategic Threat and Risk Assessments (STRAs).” Officially launched evaluations have determined that “cybercrime policing is the most under-developed area in forces around the UK”, according to this report.

A recent evaluation entitled Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) Report examined national police forces and their “overall capability” to address a multitude of threats that effect the nation as a whole which include “terrorism, organised crime and cybercrime“, according to the article. This evaluation came as an inspection follow-up to the government produced “2012 Strategic Policing Requirement (SPR)” document which reviewed what the police forces need to achieve when it comes to national issues“, according to the article.

Regarding these findings, HM Inspector Steven Otter was quoted in the article to say, “Although we expect them to be further ahead than they are we do fully understand that this is an area that has not been fully understood by any agency anywhere in the world, we are not overly critical of the police service about this, we think they have now grasped the challenge. There needs to be rapid action by the police and other agencies as cybercrime is growing rapidly as a threat nationally.” The government reports confirm that “The police must be able to operate very soon just as well in cyberspace as they do on the street” and concluded this because “cybercrime is swiftly becoming a dominant method in the perpetration of crime”, according to the article.

Read more about these concerns in the full article and how this may affect other nations in Europe and abroad.

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