Researchers Confirm Increase of Malware Hosted in U.S.

Security firm Solutionary reported on Tuesday that “56% of the malware it captured via sensors and other means was hosted in the U.S.“, according to a recent article published on the Network World website. The article indicates that according to the firm’s quarterly “global malware distribution and threat report”  there has been a “12% increase from six months ago” and outlined that approximately “half of the malware overall appeared to originate at 10 Internet service and hosting providers.

Listed in the report were well-known providers including Google, Akamai, Amazon Web Services, GoDaddy and others, according to the article. Solutionary‘s findings – a comparison of what data was found “in the fourth quarter of 2013” – also showed that the percentage of actively hosted malware from Go Daddy “dropped from 14% to 2%“, but websites hosted by Amazon’s provided offerings “showed a massive increase moving from 16% to 41% of the identified malware hosts, retaining their top spot in the top 10“, according to the article. Their report also revealed that the “new appearance of smaller providers” like Website Welcome also made it to the top ten listing.

Regarding the increase “in overall U.S. malware share from 44% to 56%“, Rob Kraus, director of research at Solutionary’s Security Engineering Research Team was quoted in the article to say that the jump “is likely attributed to malicious actors’ increased utilization of Amazon’s cloud infrastructure and Dropbox. However, it appears Dropbox utilizes some of Amazon’s infrastructure to support its cloud storage service. Many of the distributing domains also utilize virtual private servers to distribute warez. Due to the affordability and increased presence of hosting providers, these have become a popular platform for malicious activity.”

Read more about the Solutionary report in the full article at Network World and see what this data means for all hosting providers in the eyes of researchers.

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