Secure Cloud Service Launched by U.S. Defense Department

The United States Department of Defense (DOD) has announced the launch of MilCloud, “a new cloud computing service” which promises to provide military users with “on-demand infrastructure and network management tools through web-based interface“, according to a recent article published by Information Week. In addition, according to the article, the DOD notes that this service offers an “integrated suite of capabilities, including the ability for users to configure infrastructure resources and manage applications on a self-service basis.”

The article indicates that the development of MilCloud originated with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) – an agency within the DOD who manages the “communications infrastructure” for the military. Overall DOD officials hope that MilCloud will help “trim IT costs and provide more streamlined services to its military and civilian users” and claim that it will ultimately “provide agencies with more flexibility and control over how they manage their computing environments“, and be a lasting improvement by setting a standard to “how classified and unclassified data are processed and stored“, according to the report.

Chief of Staff, for the Defense Information Systems Agency, Brigadier General Frederick Henry was quoted in the article to say, “MilCloud allows us to… integrate various applications at the CDC [core data center] level. MilCloud can deliver cloud services and support DOD applications for about the same cost as providers such as Amazon, but in a more secure fashion.” The article states that MilCloud is the “foundation of the Joint Information Environment’s core datacenter service and represents one part of a broader effort to connect all of the military services’ networks into a single, secure information-sharing space.” Officials note that the service “incorporates strict security protocols that keep data secure” and can “support DOD organizations and military personnel anywhere on the planet, using a variety of authorized desktop and handheld devices.

Read much more in the full article about MilCloud, details of its features and what the DOD claims this service will do to improve and stabilize security in this realm.

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