Security Experts Say Russia Hacked Companies in West, Asia

CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity firm based in the United States, have compiled evidence showing that the Russian government has been been spying on “hundreds of American, European and Asian companies“, according to an article published by the Chicago Tribune. The article indicates that this is the “first time Moscow has been linked to cyber attacks for alleged economic – rather than political – gains.

In the article, it states that CrowdStrike reported “energy and technology firms” being listed as some of the “victims of the previously unreported cyber espionage campaign.”  They note that some of these organizations have reportedly “lost valuable intellectual property“, according to the article. The article states that no specific details about losses or the victims have been released due to “confidentiality agreements related to its investigation.

Dmitri Alperovitch, CTO of CrowdStrike, was quoted in the article to say, “These attacks appear to have been motivated by the Russian government’s interest in helping its industry maintain competitiveness in key areas of national importance.” The article reports that the firm has been tracking the activities of  “Energetic Bear“- the group of Russian hackers – for two years. CrowdStrike feels that their tracking shows that the “Russian government is behind the campaign because of technical indicators, as well as analysis of the targets chosen and the data stolen”, according to the article.

Alperovitch was quoted in the article to say about their research against the Russian government, “We are very confident about this. They are copying the Chinese play book. Cyber espionage is very lucrative for economic benefit to a nation.

Read more about what CrowdStrike has learned about the Russian government’s hacking in the full article at the Chicago Tribune and what this means as experts forecast the future of internet activity for the years to come.

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