Security: Known Adobe Breach Proves Hacking Ease

A recent security breach at Adobe resulting in the successful hacking of a multitude of accounts proves a continuing issue regarding password creation.

According to an article published by The News Reports, those creating passwords are not heeding the warnings that simple passwords are easy to decode leaving an open door for hackers with malicious intent to roam about in private server space. The article states that “computer users still prefer the simplest and most basic of passwords for their online accounts.” The attack on Adobe opened up over one hundred million accounts to the intruders, according to the report.

The News Reports article adds, The statistics from the investigations into the Adobe case has revealed that the most popular password among users is “123456″. This featured as close to 2% of the password of choice on the hacked accounts. This was closely followed by “123456789″ as the choice of password.” The report suggests that the Adobe incident should strongly punctuate the seriousness of unique password creation for all computer users and that everyone should follow this practice constantly in their online dealings.

Read more about this concern and the advice from security professionals here in the full article at The News

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