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Server Solutions, Server Situations, & Brucie’s Brilliant Brain Boosts Pt. 2 Featured Image

Server Solutions, Server Situations, & Brucie’s Brilliant Brain Boosts Pt. 2

by: Hostwinds Team  /  December 18, 2018

Quick question for you from me: How do you begin Part 2 of a blog series without using the greeting "welcome back" for the 100th time? What's that? Just start without an intro? DECIDED! You're like the world's best therapists, as you always give me such wise telepathic answers to any questions I pose. Hey! Hey you! You are a gem! Has anyone told you that lately?

Perfect, so in Part 1 of this blog series, we reviewed the "Overview" through "Firewall Profile" tabs in the Hostwinds Cloud Portal's Server Overview page. While we had a nice rhetorical conversation about these things, we also learned SO MUCH from the beam of light in the form of a human being named Bruce Lee. If you don't know who this martial artist/director/actor/absolute genius person, I recommend looking into his significant contributions to the world.

Oh, I'm so glad Bruce Lee was brought up (pay no attention to the fact that I was the one who brought him up) because I say we keep this guidance from him in mind as we continue moving around in the Server Overview page:

"Everything you do, if not in a relaxed state, will be done at a lesser level than you are proficient. Thus the tensed expert marksman will aim at a level less than his/her student." -Bruce Lee.

In Part 2 of this blog series, we'll CALMLY discover more about the Server Overview page in the Hostwinds Cloud Portal. Everyone takes a few deep breaths so we can relax as we learn. We left off on the "Firewall Profile" tab on this page, and we'll slide right over to the right and click the "Volumes" tab to start.

Volumes, ISOs, VM Upgrades/Downgrades, & Other Stuff


Here in the Volumes tab, you can edit your GBs, change your volume nicknames, attach the volumes to your server (Actions >>> Attach Volume), or delete the volumes (Actions >>> Delete Volume). This section will show you all the volumes you've created, and you can change their sizes, see the dates they were created, and change their nicknames if you wish. The volume's GB size and the data center hosting it will appear underneath its nickname.

Don't have any volumes yet? This guide gives you instructions as to how to create them:

Add up to 500GB of disk space to your server ON THE CHEAP by purchasing a volume. Volumes are cool because you can attach them to your server without increasing your local storage capacity.


A list of ISOs that can be attached to your server appears when you click this tab. You can also see how many GBs they take up. The "Attach ISO" button allows you to attach an ISO or upload an ISO.

Note: This does contribute to your object storage usage, so be conscious of that. When you push the "Confirm" button, it adds an hourly charge to your plan.

Another Note: Visit for more help with all this.

Yet Another Note: This well-put quote within the guide entitled "Server Management Sections Explained" will help you understand what happens when you push the Confirm button: "The ISO will attach to your server by adding volume and will present itself momentarily on the same page once attached."

Visit to read the rest of the guide.

Just click the Actions drop-down to the very right of your ISO name and select "Detach ISO" if you ever want to undo your attachment.

Upgrade/Downgrade VM

Change your resources easily and quickly to adjust based on your current needs and click the "Upgrade Instance" button. You have the option here to customize your RAM, CPU cores, disk space, and bandwidth resources by clicking the "Build your own" option. Just a heads up: Hostwinds will need to reboot your server to complete the upgrade or downgrade.

The "Server Management Sections Explained" guide referenced above also makes the following point: "When you upgrade a server, the disk space will be upgraded only AFTER you select the option to have the disk upgraded as well.  This will require brief downtime. The reason for this? If you find the upgrade wasn't actually needed, you'll still be able to downgrade back to what the previous plan was vs. not being able to, as disk space cannot be decreased with KVM servers." If you don't want to apply the upgrade right away and prefer to schedule it at a low-impact hour, you can apply the upgrade anytime you want. It is not automatic, so clients do have to press the yellow "Apply Upgrade" button when ready. After doing so, it's also important to click the green "Confirm Resize" button.

Hostwinds doesn't provide the option to downgrade disk space because there is too much risk for data corruption, so the best way to downgrade disk space would be to take a snapshot, convert that snapshot to a template, then create a server from that template. The following guide will assist you if you decide to do carry out this procedure, and the Bruce Lee guidance following the link will assist you if you find that others' opinions of you/ judgments of you matter to you:

"I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you're not in this world to live up to mine." -Bruce Lee

Back to the Upgrade/Downgrade VM section: The "Supercharge your Server with Solid State Drives" switch. You'll see the prices change accordingly when you swipe this option. The Hostwinds Team highly recommends the SSD because they give you faster read and write speeds.

Logs, IP's, & Other Stuff


The "Action Log" drop-down menu item brings you to a page where you can see all the actions, such as reboots that have occurred since you first got your server. The "Maintenance" drop-down link is very similar, but it shows you all the scheduled maintenance events Hostwinds has performed on your server.

Visit if you'd like to receive more information after reading the following excerpt explaining what "Logs" are: "The Logs display the logs of all management actions that have taken place since the creation of the server. These are logs of management actions, such as rebooting, shutting down, reinstalling the server."

Manage IP's

The same guide explains that which constitutes the "Manage IPs" section: "The Manage IPs panel displays the assigned IPs for the server, including IPv4, and IPv6. The tab also displays the server's assigned IPv6 /64 subnet pool."

The "Assigned Subnets" area gives you more available IPv6 subnets to your networking capacity. More choices are always great, and this section is great if you want to route things a certain way.

In the "Manage IP's" section, you can set rDNS (reverse Domain Name System), change your primary IP address attached to your server, manage IPv4 Addresses, and purchase c-class IP addresses. The following blog post will explain to you exactly what c-class IPs are and do:

Set DDoS-protected IP addresses within the "Manage IP's" land and add more IP addresses to your account in seconds.

In addition to all that server management stuff, you can click the baby blue "Actions" or red "Shutdown" button at the top right of the page to perform specific tasks regarding your server.

All these actions are explained toward the end of this great Hostwinds Knowledge Base guide:

Said guide also gives you information regarding the server's status (under the Shutdown button).

One more awesome Hostwinds Knowledge Base guide to have a look at if you want more information about the Server Overview page and one random Bruce Lee quote if you want more information about BEING A BOSS:

"Take no thought of who is right or wrong or who is better than. Be not for or against." -Bruce Lee

Living for Others by Giving to Others

Tour complete! Cutting straight to the point here: The Server Overview page is great. Why? It was created specifically to make server management less daunting. It also makes procedures regarding your server faster. (Slightly arrogant sarcasm:) It's like Bruce Lee talked about the Hostwinds Team's mission when he said, "Real living is living for others." We develop pages in the Cloud Portal, the Client Area…and every product or service we offer…especially to make things easier/better for everyone using said items. We want success and good things for you, so we all come to work every day to serve you. What a great (one of the coolest $10 words:) omen* for Hostwinds' evolution and happiness in its lifetime!

A short letter to Bruce Lee from yours truly: Thank you for teaching us how to be our best selves by saying such inspiring things and stuff.

A short letter to the Hostwinds Family from yours truly: Your endearing nature and purity is like nothing I've ever encountered before! You make my heart sing!

A short letter to you from yours truly: You are sublime. (Yet another pun-infested dad joke that is exceptionally dad-like because this isn't even the first time I'm sharing it (because dads often say the same joke over and over again thinking it is just as funny the 48th time)…yep…super dad joke…fair warning:) You server minus the r a great purpose within the Hostwinds Community. I've said it before, and I'll repeat it: You are appreciated.

*Omen = A sign

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  December 18, 2018