Shared & Business Hosting Plans: Reap the Benefits of Weebly Website Builder



If you are utilizing the assortment of virtual tools, benefits, and services encompassed in any of Hostwinds’ Shared or Business Hosting plans, you may know about Weebly Website Builder. If you aren’t familiar with this feature, you’ve got to inspect it and all its glory.

Weebly Website Builder: Adaptable, Accessible, and User-Friendly

First off, let’s get this out of the way: I am fervently resisting using pun-filled headings such as “Weebly Never Wobbles and it Never Falls Down.” I was struggling to hold that one in. You’ve got to make all this technical information amusing somehow, right? Well, “dad jokes” and cheap puns are the best I’ve got so far, okay? Alright, I digress. Having said that about Weebly never wobbling, Weebly Website Builder is truly exceptional, dependable, and resilient when you build a website from scratch.

Weebly provides multifarious templates and designs to simplify the tedious and mechanical series of actions involved in website construction. It’s beautiful that innovations like Weebly give those with no computer programming knowledge the opportunity to design and develop their own websites.

Weebly also grants users access to the code responsible for the construction of the website, so if by any chance you would like to alter it, you can easily make it your own. Its drag-and-drop style and help center make the progression from no website to responsive and accessible fully-functioning website speedy and seamless.

You can access your Weebly Website Builder tools in your Hostwinds cPanel account.

Once you’ve logged in to your account, click the green “Manage” button to the far right of your product or service.



From there, click the “Login to cPanel” option in the “Actions” menu to the far left and POOF, you are looking at your very own cPanel universe. To get the Weebly fun going, simply click the “Softaculous Apps Installer” button under the “Software” menu and follow the instructions to install it and set it up.

Where to Start?

If you are at square one and would like to make a website, click HERE or visit to follow a well-thought-out tutorial in the Hostwinds Knowledge Base written by one of our very own support team members.

Now on to some other cool things you can do with Weebly.


Weebly’s Significant Components

Once your website baby is all ready to be birthed into the World Wide Web for all to see, you can publish it without trouble by emulating the actions outlined in the following guide found in that nifty Knowledge Base:

Click HERE or visit to read the guide. 

Furthermore, to learn how to edit or delete pages, click HERE or visit

You can even add a personalized email and domain name to your newly-developed website because they are included in your Shared or Business account.

Click HERE or visit if you need help setting up your email account.

Another sensational feature Weebly Website Builder provides is the Device Switcher tool. This tool lets you examine the way your website appears on a cellular device.

For a detailed description as to how to use the Device Switcher, you guessed it, jump onto the Hostwinds Knowledge Base: Click HERE or visit

Are you looking to develop an e-commerce website store? You’re in luck! Check out this guide concerning constructing a store on Weebly by clicking HERE or visiting

Interested in upgrading your Weebly Website Builder to, for example, add HD video and audio or password protection? Click HERE or visit to learn how.

That was the last Hostwinds Knowledge Base plug, I promise.


Profit From Weebly Website Builder

Wait, I take that promise back! Considering I’ve brought up the Hostwinds Knowledge Base multiple times thus far, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this: if you haven’t looked into the Knowledge Base yet, I highly recommend doing so. If you have a question regarding anything related to the products or services Hostwinds offers, type it into the search bar and you’ll likely find a guide detailing information answering such question.

You can access the Knowledge Base by clicking HERE or visiting

If you’d like to explore Hostwinds’ mother website, click HERE or visit

Our team delicately constructed all the features and services amounting to each one of our Shared and Business Hosting plans and we truly want you to profit from them. Weebly Website Builder certainly is no exception and it might be the means by which you achieve your goals and actualize more abundance!

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