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Simple Steps to Site Security Featured Image

Simple Steps to Site Security

by: Elizabeth White  /  July 20, 2013

Is your site protected?

Protecting the livelihood of your site is easier than you might have expected. Follow these simple tips and ensure no one is stealing your site's intellectual property.

Starting with the basics…

How's your password? If you're still using "password" or "123456" you are basically inviting hackers into your site. There are some basic guidelines for a strong password:

Make it lengthy, at least 8 characters.

Make it complex, use an assortment of characters, symbols, and numbers.

Make it fresh, change your password regularly.

Make it original, don't repeat passwords for multiple sites.

If developing a complex password seems too strenuous, there are also sites available, such as, that will even generate these cryptic passwords for you.

Is your PC's software up-to-date? Keeping security software up-to-date ensures that just as hacker's knowledge and techniques are advancing, your computer's protection is advancing. Don't let the guard down on your system and let hackers in.

Then there's…

The hosting provider. Site security can be enhanced by simple steps on the owner's part, but then there are also many aspects of protection that should be maintained through your hosting service provider.

Just as your PC needs to keep software updated, your hosting provider should keep their servers updated. Hackers dedicate all their time to getting into websites and profiting off unsuspecting site owners, so you need to make sure you have a support team behind you monitoring these attacks 24/7.

A good hosting provider will also have preventative measures to prevent attacks from ever occurring, such as Windshield technology. Look for a hosting service will constantly check the strength of its own infrastructure to ensure their customers aren't at risk of site hacking.

Written by Elizabeth White  /  July 20, 2013