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SSL = Secure Sockets Layer, But It Could Also Stand For “Smooth Sailing Lock” Featured Image

SSL = Secure Sockets Layer, But It Could Also Stand For “Smooth Sailing Lock”

by: Hostwinds Team  /  January 6, 2019

"No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave." -Calvin Coolidge

A couple days ago, I noticed a magnet on the Hostwinds Seattle office fridge. Said magnet contained the above Calvin Coolidge quote.

Magnet on Hostwinds Seattle Office Refrigerator

I lit up when I saw it because the Hostwinds Team seems to live by Coolidge's poetic advice daily. It makes me happy to know that I am a part of a team that genuinely understands the importance of giving. While I was reflecting on this idea, another quote came to mind:

"We answer to no one in regards to us having no shareholders or stocks and us not being publicly owned, so, unlike most of our competitors who are always thinking of profits and the bottom dollar every quarter, we are trying to drive innovation and quality of life for our clients to make sure they get the best experience at the best price."

Here at Hostwinds, each of us focuses on why we are here and what matters most. We are here to improve the "quality of life for our clients," and what matters most is serving the community that has always had our back. That brief quote came from one of Hostwinds' valued employees, by the way. If you would like to view the blog post from which I extracted the section or learn more about Hostwinds, visit

Seeing as we are on the subject of giving, let's talk about SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates! What's that? It is in no way clear how the idea of giving relates to SSL certificates? Excellent point. I'll elaborate on that. Hostwinds' Art Director, Cole, helped me understand SSL certificates by calling them your website viewers' bouncers.

I'll elaborate even more. SSL certificates are like bouncers for your website viewers' because the former encrypts the information the latter gives your website. For instance, let's say people have to enter a username and password to enter your site. An SSL certificate would encrypt the information your users input into that credential form. What's that? Throughout that lengthy explanation, I never once actually explained how SSL certificates are relevant to the topic of giving? Once again, a great point! SSL certificates give your website users the security and protection they deserve, just as a bouncer keeps people and companies safe. Was that correlation a tiny bit of a stretch? What's that? Not? You do understand my soul. You very patient and understanding audience.

SSL: Studious Summary & Lesson

Do you know what I like doing? Quoting Hostwinds Knowledge Base guides. Our Front-Line Experts write all our principles. Each representative is gifted with the ability to define and teach technical terms eloquently. Did you guess that I would provide an example, aka a Front-Line Representative's definition of SSL certificates? Well, guess what? You guessed wrong! I will give multiple examples, aka multiple definitions of SSL certificates found within Knowledge Base guides!

Definition of SSL Certificates Found Within the "Glossary of Terms" Guide

"Secure Sockets Layer is what this stands for and is commonly used to encrypt the website visitor's information when visiting a website. SSL is commonly used for websites that request information from a website form or have an eCommerce application that you can buy items from."

P.S. That guide can be found at

Definition of SSL Certificates Found Within the "What is an SSL Certificate?" Guide

"A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate, when installed, encrypts information and transactions to transfer it from browser to web server safely securely. They work by using a cryptographic system where two keys bind to the data, padlocking it. The first key is a private key that only the recipient knows. The second key is a public one that everyone knows."

P.S. Visit if you'd like to read the rest of that very informative guide.

Elaborating on the SSL Certificates Definition Found Within the "What is an SSL Certificate?" Guide

"SSL Certificates bind a domain name, server or hostname with an organization's name, i.e., company name and location. This creates a unique identity for the specific certificate. These can also be used to show the user who the encryption belongs to, so that it may provide that extra level of trust."

There are two ways to order an SSL.

1. visit and click one of the green "Add This Service" buttons toward the bottom of the page.

2. log in to your Client Area ( >> Click the "Services" drop-down menu on the baby blue navigation bar at the top of the page >> Click the "Order New Services" option >> Click "Aditional Services" on the "Categories" menu on the left-hand side of the page >> Click the green "Order Now" button in the SSL Certificate section. From there, all you have to do is check out, and BOOM, you've got an SSL certificate bouncer.

The Hostwinds Cloud Portal makes it easy for you to manage your SSL certificates. The following guides will walk you through how to add your SSL certificate to the SSL Certificate Management page, renew an SSL certificate, and apply an SSL certificate to your load balancer, respectively:

The Knowledge Base guides are nice because they break up web hosting procedures into a series of simple steps. This ensures that you never feel overwhelmed throughout the process. On that note, we'll leave you with another powerful Coolidge quote:

"We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once."

SSL: Silly Synopsis & Laughter

The "silly synopsis" part of the heading above refers to this: In summary, get an SSL certificate/metaphorical website bouncer. Speaking of "bouncer," in addition to breaking SSL certificates down for me, Cole also drew the featured image for this blog piece. The quote on the Hostwinds Seattle office refrigerator, that's how Cole…and every single member of the Hostwinds Family…acts. We jump at the chance to give, teach, explain, and support others. That's what makes us us.

The "Laughter" part of the heading above refers to this:

Another Set of Magnets on Hostwinds Seattle Office Fridge

This is the other set of magnets we have on our fridge. I like it, so I thought I would include it in our concluding paragraph just for fun. Also, the mustache isn't so much of a magnet as a mighty sticker that will permanently remain right where it is for eternity. I say (or write, instead) this often. Still, the Hostwinds Team is a bunch of goofballs who happen to be serious about being generous. We are also serious about being of service to our community. We are givers, and we promise to give you nothing but the best regarding support, products, services, and hardware throughout your entire web hosting experience. (Dad joke to bring us home:) I'm going to bounce, folks. See you in the blog world tomorrow!

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  January 6, 2019