Study: Poor Website Performance Slows Online Purchasing

A recent study indicates that individuals who prefer shopping online will curb their purchases when they experience “poor navigation, slow website load times, interruptions and timeouts” on the web sites they visit, according to an article published by The Web Host Industry Review. The data showed in this article clarified that opinions of specific brands, due to these issues, are marked by these online shoppers.

According to the study and the researchers data quoted in the article, among the 1,377 online shoppers surveyed in the United States, 52 percent of them – who have experienced website performance issues – felt that this experience “tarnishes the brands reputation in their mind.”  The article further indicates that “ease of use, security, and clear web images are all top priorities for online shoppers, with 88 percent of shoppers citing ease of use as the most important factor.”

Robert Miggins, a web hosting industry executive, was quoted in the article to say, “An optimized website and proper load testing are crucial to ensure that online retailers are able to deliver availability and reliability online and capitalize on high traffic levels.” Miggins continued to say that, “Ultimately, by enabling a high quality website experience for customers, from the ground up, online retailers will ensure that they preserve their brand, stay competitive and drive sales during the holiday season.”

Read more about this study and specifics on how poor website performance affects online purchasing, check out the original article at The Web Host Industry Review.

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