Surprise! Hostwinds’ Cyber Monday Magic

Cyber Monday

There are over four billion humans around this earth who use the internet. Thus, it was only a matter of time before entire shopping holidays like Cyber Monday came about. Isn’t it stupendous that we don’t even have to leave our homes to get the best deals out there nowadays!? I don’t know about you, but I certainly prefer getting all my holiday shopping taken care of on the cheap from the comfort of my own home rather than being trampled by countless consumers while at the mall on Black Friday. Cyber Monday, I want you to understand something: you are a gift to my life!

Now, for the grand surprise:

…Surprise! Hostwinds is offering new deals on Cyber Monday! In order to show our immense appreciation for the Hostwinds Community, Hostwinds is extending our Black Friday deals until the end of Cyber Monday! Anyone, Hostwinds clients or those who haven’t yet created accounts with us, can receive these awesome discounts!

Cyber Monday is a cool holiday because people spend more money online collectively on Cyber Monday than on any other day of the year! Not even the day after Christmas? Wow! That constitutes a major shopping holiday!

Something you may not have known about Cyber Monday = it actually came about organically. E-commerce companies observed more and more that their website users bought a bunch the Monday following Thanksgiving. In 2005, the Monday after Thanksgiving officially became known as “Cyber Monday” and the huge shopping holiday was born!

Now let’s get right into these Hostwinds sales!!!


What are the Deals?

The discounts Hostwinds is offering for Cyber Monday are as follows:

75% off any billing cycle,  Monthly through Triennially, for our Shared, Business, Reseller, and White Label services.

60% off any billing cycle,  Monthly through Triennially, for all of our  Linux and Windows Managed VPS as well as our Dedicated Servers.

10% off any billing cycle,  Monthly through Triennially, for all of our  Linux and Windows Unmanaged VPS.

NOTE: These promotions only apply to new products and first payments (no matter what billing cycle is).

Yaaaay! Time to end this blog post suddenly so we can all get online and get shopping!

Ready? Set? Shop!

On that subject, the very easy way to access Hostwinds’ Cyber Monday promotional sales is to visit, select the Cyber Monday discounted product or service, and continue to the checkout page. The discounts will automatically show up on the checkout page. The Hostwinds Team is elated that we can extend these deals to you on this day of virtual markdown magic!

We hope you have fun surfing the web today! Happy Cyber Monday!


The Hostwinds Family

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