Symantec Holds Hack Attack Contest

Anti-virus and cyber-security service provider Symantec will be conducting the “Hack Attack” contest in Israel on January 28th where “Israel’s best hackers” will have the opportunity to take part in a “simulated corporate espionage attack” and attempt, through assorted techniques, discover “who and how the attack took place by counter-hacking other sites and servers“, according to an article published on the Shalom Life website.

The contest will be held during the Cybertech International Conference – sponsored by IsraelDefense, the Prime Minister’s National Cyber Bureau, and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economy – and expects to see approximately fifty individuals participating, according to the report. The article states that during the contest “points will be given for how far they can hack into suspects’ servers and for reaching 40 different milestones, like getting access to passwords and installing spyware.” The winner of  Hack Attack, according to the article, will be given an “all expense paid trip to Symantec headquarters to discuss cyber security.

These meetings are the security provider’s attempt to “find the next great cyber-defense visionary” and, as the report indicates, results in “offering winners jobs.” Through this event, Symantec hopes to help broaden the industry understanding of an attacker’s “targets, technology and thought processes so they can ultimately better protect their organization and themselves“, according to the report.

Read more about the Cybertech International Conference, the Hack Attack and what it promises to accomplish in the eyes of security professionals at the full article at Shalom Life.

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