Target Hires Security Veteran in Aftermath of Historic Data Breach

Retail giant Target has responded with full force to the massive data breach of November of 2013 by hiring “internet security veteran” Bob DeRodes to lead their “technology division and operations“, according to an article published by the Headline & Global News (HNGN) website. The article indicates that this appointment of DeRodes will begin to forge Target’s “future information technology and digital plan” while giving them a positive “boost” in the marketplace.

As a conformation to his continued efforts “to rectify the incident ever since it first occured“, Gregg Steinhafel, Target’s chairman, president and CEO, was quoted in the article to say, “Establishing a clear path forward for Target following the data breach has been my top priority. I believe Target has a tremendous opportunity to take the lessons learned from this incident and enhance our overall approach to data security and information technology.”

Steinhafel’s enthusiasm, “great appreciation for DeRodes’ work” and overall gratitude for the assistance he will provide to accomplish “transitions from the incident” is evident in his responses, stated in the article, regarding the appointment of DeRodes. Steinhafel continued in the article to state, “Bob’s history of leading transformational change positions him well to lead our continued breach responses and guide our long-term digital strategy.” The article quoted DeRodes eagerness to begin work by stating, “I look forward to helping shape information technology and data security at Target in the days and months ahead. It is clear to me that Target is an organization that is committed to doing whatever it takes to do right by their guests.

Read more in the full article about Target’s efforts to restructure their technology team and respond to last year’s massive breach and reputation bruising.

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