Tech Firms Share New Data About NSA Spying

A group of major technology firms have released new data regarding how often requests were made by “secret national security” investigators to surrender “customer information“, according to an article published on the web site. The article indicates that this data includes “figures that show that the government collected data on thousands of Americans.” Large technology companies including Google, Microsoft and Facebook have provided documentation with “expanded details“, according to the report.

The article states that “some vented criticism about the government’s handling of customers’ Internet data in counter-terrorism and other intelligence-related probes.” Data from the years 2012 and 2013 indicated that Google and Microsoft were “compelled by the government to provide information on as many as 10,000 customer accounts in a six-month period“, as the article reports. The report continues to outline that technology giant Yahoo “complied with government requests for information on more than 40,000 accounts in the same period.

These technology companies quickly responded to customer concerns by outlining in detail that only a small amount of their customer base was “targeted by authorities” but, as the article states, this data still indicates that “thousands of Americans were affected by the government requests approved by judges of the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

Read much more about this data and how these major firms are dealing with the outcry from their customers in the full article at

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