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Showing the Ghost Browser in action for increasing productivity


Whether you’re a social media manager, a developer who’s constantly having to log in and out of WordPress as different users or just need to be logged into the same site as different people….Ghost Browser might be just what you need.

Today we’ll take a quick look at this new Ghost Browser, a browser that lets you do all this with no hassle. Sure, there’s Chrome’s People Manager, but you still end up with multiple windows scattered around. Ghost Browser is lightning fast and well… you never know if something’s better until you try it, right?



Ghost Browser is a new browser, developed by Loving Cup Productions. They call it “The Productivity Browser for Tech Pros” and it quickly gained an audience six months ago on Product Hunt.

Remember that speed we talked about? Here’s what one Product Hunter had to say…


Shows Product Hunt user comment on Ghost Browser


It’s Chromium based, so you:


  • Can use any Chrome extension with it
  • Access Chrome developer tools
  • Will feel very comfortable with it if you’re already used to Chrome
  • Sync data between Ghost Browser and Chrome


How it works

While using Ghost Browser, you use sessions and projects. Sessions are A group of tabs sharing a cookie jar, which is independent from other sessions you may have open. And a project is a group of sessions which keep you logged in.

You don’t have to open multiple tabs for the different things you need and login to them all. After the first time you do it and save that project with the different sections, just open the project and bam – you’re ready to go. It makes setting up a workflow that’s instantly available so you can pick up where you left off (still logged in) easy.

This video shows an example of using Ghost Browser to manage social media accounts…



There’s both a free and premium version available. The free versions limits you to 3 sessions and 3 projects, and you can only have one project open at a time. You can download it here.

WPLift has a rather extensive look at the browser and real-world uses. If you give it a whirl, we’d love to hear what you think. Are there any other tools that you recommend for increasing productivity when working online?

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