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The Fabulous FinancesOnline Review Site Honors Hostwinds with 2 Hosting Service Recognitions Featured Image

The Fabulous FinancesOnline Review Site Honors Hostwinds with 2 Hosting Service Recognitions

by: Hostwinds Team  /  January 30, 2019

The Hostwinds Family loves to get any feedback from individuals and companies because we want to continue to evolve and grow…and because we like to receive compliments and congratulations hehehehe…we're humans too, folks! The feedback FinancesOnline gave us today in its Hostwinds overview made our team rejoice. As a thank you to FinancesOnline and its staff, we'd like to elaborate on the awards and review. Let's get right into the details, shall we?

Divulging Details

One thing that immediately caught our eye when we checked out the evaluation was the following humbling awards:

1. "Great User Experience" award for the year 2018

2. "Rising Star" award for the year 2018

Whoa! The awesomeness of these awards made the Hostwinds Team speechless, and we feel honored to receive them. We are also thankful to be included in the company's top hosting with cPanel and WHM solutions and their list of best cheap dedicated hosting of 2019. Our team is motivated to provide our clients with much more than web hosting, so we diligently work to go above and beyond customer support. It means a lot to be recognized for something of the utmost importance to us by an esteemed company like FinancesOnline.

Proceeding right along to some of the things mentioned in the assessment that are, as the kids these days say, "ON POINT."

First off, we noticed this part of the review that speaks to our genuine concern for our client's well-being: " the company reports a satisfaction rate of 100%, which is the strongest proof of their excellent performance."

Quite honestly, all our favorite parts are the parts of this review about our clients' commitment and excellent customer support. This excerpt is no exception:

"The company is not only dedicated to speed and affordability, but also to supporting their customers' success."

The Hostwinds Team also very much appreciated FinancesOnline calling our customer support "top class." Why didn't we think of that adjective ourselves?

As far as we are concerned, FinancesOnline did a bang-up job.

Visit the FinancesOnline site to view the comprehensive and (I don't use this word often, but it seems to be quite applicable here:) fabulous review.

A Heartfelt & Sincere Thank You

Thank you again FinancesOnline! Your analysis of our company was terrific, and YOU are wonderful. We hope this blog post can serve as a considerable expression of our gratitude for your time and thoughtful review. Moreover, we hope this array of "thank you's" illustrates that we genuinely can't thank you enough:


Written by Hostwinds Team  /  January 30, 2019