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The Phoenix & The Firewall Featured Image

The Phoenix & The Firewall

by: Hostwinds Team  /  January 1, 2019

Can you guess what dad joke I'll bestow upon you to begin this blog post? If you guessed "(*Musical Notes*) THE WALL, THE WALL, THE WALL IS ON FIRE! (*Musical Notes*)…like that song?…except instead of the roof is on fire…I said the wall is on fire…because this post is about firewall…

We are moving right along here! Many individuals are familiar with firewall software and why firewalls are important. The Hostwinds Team would like to clarify a few things concerning firewalls, and we would also like to give you some cool information regarding the mythological phoenix bird that symbolizes death and rebirth. Why are we discussing phoenix facts, you ask? Great question! The answer is…because they are, as the kids say, "_fly!_" We'll start off by defining the phoenix bird and firewalls.

Phoenix and Firewall Definitions

On second thought, why don't we first define the technical stuff, then get to the magical stuff? Firewall, you're up first! Firewalls ensure your network is safe and secure, as it sifts and sorts network traffic going from the internet to the server and vice versa to make sure hackers stay back and that no one is able to mess up your server situation. You can set up rules to tell the firewall profile exactly how you want to protect incoming and outgoing traffic. In other words, you can allow internet traffic to flow through certain ports and block the traffic moving to and from the server with other ports.

Okay, phoenix, now it's your turn, you magical fowl you. The phoenix is that really vibrant and colorful flaming bird that looks like an eagle on fire. It is a mythical bird that sets itself ablaze, and it symbolizes many things, most prominently the beautiful journey of death and rebirth.

Outgoing VS Incoming

You would think the outgoing traffic from your server wouldn't need to be monitored, but it does just in case your server is compromised by a botnet or other malicious artifact. You are able to define exactly how you'd like your firewall profile to filter the traffic to and from your server by adding rules.

Firewall Fun Fact: Another way to say outbound traffic from your server is "egress." Inbound traffic coming to your server can also be called "ingress" network traffic. The same can be said about inhaling and exhaling.

Phoenix Fun Fact: The firebird is most commonly associated with Greek mythology, but it also appears in Egyptian mythology as well as numerous other cultures (such as its appearance in some Native American parables). The sun is closely connected to the phoenix, and the phoenix allegedly lives for hundreds (and by some tellings, thousands) of years before bursting into flames and rising again from the ashes. The Greek sun god supposedly listened to the healing songs that the phoenix sang. The journey of the Phoenix reminds me of a more dramatic version of the deal that lobsters made for veritable immortality. Lobsters only die when they become too large to expend the necessary energy required to molt their shells. The largest lobster ever caught was over 44Lbs and was estimated to be over 140 years old. So yeah… Just like Lobsters…but on fire…and also birds.

Hostwinds' Fantastical Firewall

Good news! You can set up firewall profiles in the Hostwinds Cloud Portal. Here is how you do it:

Step 1: Log in to your Client Area (

Step 2: Navigate to the Cloud Portal (by clicking the "Cloud Control" drop-down menu on the baby blue navigation bar, then clicking the "Cloud Portal" option)

Step 3: In order to create a firewall profile, click the green "Create" button on the top right of the Cloud Portal, then click the "Firewall" option on the menu that drops down upon clicking the button

Step 4: In order to manage your firewall profile or profiles, click the "Network" drop-down menu on the white navigation bar at the top of the Cloud Portal and select the "Firewalls" option

The following Hostwinds Knowledge Base guide will give you much more detailed information about firewall management if you need a little more help with this:

Speaking of the Knowledge Base, if you need some help setting up your firewall rules, the link below will bring you to a step-by-step tutorial within the Hostwinds Knowledge Base:

More good news! I'm going to talk (or write, rather) about the phoenix some more! The phoenix makes me happy because it represents fearlessness, purification, and metamorphosis. Adversity is often what strengthens and purifies us the most, and the cycle of death and rebirth is an integral component of the human experience in many facets of our human (or lobster) lives. Such cycle brings the following quote from Friedrich Nietzsche to mind:

"That which does not kill us makes us stronger [lobsters]."

On a completely random note, J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix describes the phoenix as a protector and a healer. As the kids say, "swell!" What's that? The kids don't say that? Ooo, ooo, I thought of a better one to replace "swell!"

As the kids say, "That's fire…bruh." Time for the fiery conclusion!

Fan The Flames

It is exceedingly wise to set up a firewall profile and firewall rules to protect your server and the information flowing to it. I assure you, it is exceptionally fast and easy to establish within the user-friendly Hostwinds Cloud Portal. Now, on a phoenix-like note, if you are ever concerned about whether or not you have the capacity to release those pieces of yourself that are holding you back, just know this: It takes a lot of energy for a 20lb Lobster to shimmy-shake out of his own skeleton, so be kind, and give him snacks… Oh, wait, right… birds….

Just know this: You can fly like a phoenix…to the sea…fly like a phoenix and let your spirit carry…

Oh, what's that, you say? Those are the lyrics from Steve Miller Band's "Fly Like an Eagle" slightly modified to say phoenix instead of an eagle? What's that you say now? I quote lyrics in these blog posts way too much? My response is twofold: 1. You keep it real with me, and that's why I keep you around 2. I promise I'll take it easy on the song lyrics moving forward. It time for me to say goodbye and, as Steve Miller would say, "fly right into the future" and sign off. Adios, for now, I have to go molt my shell.

(P.S. We do not own any rights to the lyrics of "Fly Like an Eagle" by Steve Miller Band or "The Roof is on Fire" by Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three, and we hope that our use of them is inoffensive and covered under FAIR USE.)

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  January 1, 2019