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The Role of a Data Center in Your Business

by: Elizabeth White  /  August 7, 2013

Recent server outages in hosting services have made us all take a look at the Mother Center behind Hosting Providers– The Data Center. This is the location where Hosts store their servers in a safe environment and keep their servers in the best conditions, so they can focus their efforts on providing the best services to their customers.

Web Hosting services put a lot of trust and faith into their Data Center, because they are putting their name on the line in trusting the Center's services. While there are some unexpected circumstances that are completely out of a Center's control, there are safety measures that can be taken to ensure overall Data Center safety. A Center's location should be manned 24/7. This includes security guards, cameras and monitoring systems in place. There are a wide variety of sites and information saved on the servers within these Data Centers, some containing top-secret, confidential business and client information.

When choosing your Hosting Provider, it is important to research the Center behind the service. Trusting your site and all its information to an outside source is a big decision. Research the monitoring systems and overall location security of your hosting provider's Data Center.

As we said before, there are some things that are out of a Center's control, but that doesn't mean a site owner should have to pay for someone else's problems. Another way to ensure your business is minimally affected by a Data Center's issues or outages, find a Hosting Service that will compensate for any outages or unforeseen issues with your service. When your site is down, through no fault of your own, your shouldn't have to pay for it. There are Hosting Providers out there that will guarantee your site a percentage of Uptime, ensuring that you are getting what you pay for and not losing money when problems arise. Some providers will go as far as to guarantee 99% Uptime. Keep this number in mind when shopping for your Hosting Services.

Written by Elizabeth White  /  August 7, 2013