Tips: The Server Maintenance Checklist

Professionals in the technology industry today know the sophistication behind data center servers and how they require regularly scheduled maintenance. In a recent article posted on Tech Target, technology veteran and author Stephen J. Bigelow writes how simple, scheduled maintenance procedures will extend the life of these sophisticated machines.

In the article, Bigelow discusses a five point checklist that can lower the rate of serious service issues. “Even with the performance and redundant features of modern servers, increased workload consolidation and reliability expectations can take a toll on your fleet. Your server maintenance checklist should cover physical elements, as well as the system’s critical configuration”, Bigelow writes.

Sticking to a routine is the first item on the list according to Bigelow’s article. “Server administrators too often overlook planning maintenance windows. Don’t wait until there is an actual failure; set aside time for routine maintenance to prevent problems”, Bigelow says. The article reminds that some companies will set their routine maintenance schedules on those determined by the appliance vendor or provider. Bigelow notes, “If the vendor’s service contract calls for system inspections every four or six months, follow that schedule.

To review more details behind Bigelow’s checklist and read more about the essentials of good data center server support practices, read the full article here at Tech Target.

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