Ugotposted Owner Faces Multiple Felony Charges

Kevin Bollaert, owner of the now-defunct “Ugotpostedwebsite, faces a long list of felony charges including identity theft, extortion and conspiracy, according to a recent article published by the Web Host Industry Review. The article outlines that Bollaert’s website hostedrevenge porn”- video clips and photos taken by former relationship partners – to be used in an act of revenge against those individuals for the failure of the relationship.

Bollaert is up against “28 counts of identity theft, two counts of extortion and one count of conspiracy” since the alleged practices of this website could have involved “media stolen from hacked accounts and hidden cameras“, according to information published in the article. The article further states, “Another key element of revenge porn is finding out the identity of those in the photos and videos, and alerting family, friends, employers and other community members to their existence via email, phone calls, social media, and even in person.

The Ugotposted website hosted posts which, according to the report, ” included private images and identifying information like social media accounts” – more than 10,000 posts total. Brian Cardwell, an eCrime specialist for the California Department of Justice is the primary investigator in the case, according to the article. During his investigation, Cardwell found that victims who contacted Ugotposted – with requests to remove their images – did not receive a response, according to the article. The article also stated that Cardwell found that the “public email address associated with Ugotposted“, received more than 1,000 messages between June 20, 2013 and August 26, 2013 that “contained the word ‘remove’  included the terms ’emotional distress’, ‘great stress in my work and personal life’, ‘defamation of character’, and ‘underage photos’.

Read more about this story and the details behind the Ugotposted case in the full article here at the Web Host Industry Review website.

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