UK Authorities Warn Cyber Monday Shoppers

Large numbers of consumers around the globe will be shifting from the hectic “Black Friday” shopping mode to an online marathon sprint – attempting to save more during this year’s “Cyber Monday”shopping spree. The increase of online shopping brings an increase of cyber crimes and attacks from the on-looking criminal element. In the UK, authorities are warning consumers to be “extra vigilant” on Cyber Monday since there has been a 60 percent increase in online attacks in the past year, according to a report published on the website.

The report indicates that “cyber and real-world fraud has cost the UK economy £81bn” between 2012 and 2013. Police officials report that this increase makes it very hard to track and very difficult to arrest “cyber criminals”, according to the article. The article quotes Police commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe to say, “The web has provided consumers with an unprecedented opportunity to empty their wallets.”

In the article Hogan-Howe goes on to say, “The unpalatable truth, however, is that as ever greater numbers of us have moved online to conduct our shopping, banking and an array of other financial activities, so fraudsters have identified an opportunity to empty people’s wallets for them.”

Read more about these concerns in the UK in the full article here at the website.

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