UK Companies Increase Use of Cloud Servers

The United Kingdom was a part of the globe that once looked at cloud technology as risky business but more markets in this region are being persuaded to change, according to an article published on the Computer Weekly web site. The article states that “more than a fifth of UK data center servers are now outsourced” and this percentage is expected to rise beyond 25% by 2016.

Nicola Hayes, managing director of DCD Intelligence, was quoted in the article saying, “Outsourcing was traditionally viewed in the UK as having considerable risk attached, particularly when it came to releasing control of mission-critical assets.” Hayes continued to say, “co-location solves many of their challenges around capacity planning and reducing capital expenditure, as well as offering additional network access.”

In the article, Hayes commented on the finance sector – a section of the business world that has been less receptive of using an outsourced data center – by saying, “Financial institutions today look at outsourcing as a viable way of reducing their data center footprint, reducing operational expenditure and increasing efficiency.”

Read more insights from Nicole Hayes and more details about what is making UK business owners less fearful of cloud technology here at Computer Weekly.

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