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UnGagged: Uncensored & Unbelievably Underrated Featured Image

UnGagged: Uncensored & Unbelievably Underrated

by: Hostwinds Team  /  November 6, 2018

Hostwinds Team Members at Our UnGagged Booth

Hi there! How was your weekend? As my grandparents would say, "HOW 'BOUT THAT!" What's that? Are you curious about how Hostwinds spent our weekend? I know I tell you this all the time, but you are just so thoughtful and wonderful in every way! Well, since you asked, Hostwinds attended the UnGagged Conference in *queue party music* LAS VEGAS. We all know the only rule in Vegas is everything that happens there stays there…well, guess what? Just as the UnGagged conference thinks outside the box and breaks the general rules employed at most marketing conferences, I'm breaking the rules by telling everyone what happened when Hostwinds attended this one-of-a-kind event! Oh YEAH, I said it! What happened in Vegas is NOT staying in Vegas, and I am thrilled to be the one to spill the metaphorical beans. Let's roll!

What Is UnGagged & What's It Got to do with Web Hosting?

UnGagged is a digital marketing conference in which experts in this field teach approaches, tactics, new ideas, action plans, and strategies to improve marketing within the digital world. If you'd like to learn how to increase search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, or expand your knowledge of different facets of online marketing in general, we recommend attending this unorthodox and unique marketing event.

Why UnGagged is the Coolest

UnGagged is the coolest because the conference speakers are never inhibited in terms of what they can or cannot say. No speaker has to edit what advice they give or what they discuss in any way. HOW REFRESHING!

UnGagged 2018

UnGagged? Why the Amusing and Interesting Name?

Oh, wait, the paragraph right above this heading here ^ touches on why UnGagged is the chosen name for this exclusive conference. To expand on that, however, UnGagged is the name of the event because no one is metaphorically gagged by censorship, video recordings of any kind, or lack of amenities and/or resources. This is not how most marketing seminars go, and the Hostwinds Team is thankful to support the UnGagged approach. This year, the conference began on the 4th of November and concluded on November 6th. If you are singing that Grease song (*Musical Notes*) "Tell me more, tell me more" (*Musical Notes*), click the link below. The official UnGagged website will provide you with more information while hopefully distracting you enough to prevent that Grease song from being stuck in your head for the next three weeks:

Caesars Palace Fun

OOO, OOO, I just thought of the perfect demonstration of how UnGagged teaches honest and uncensored marketing strategies: One of the seminars during UnGagged 2018 was called "Enter The Void: Marketing in a World of F**ked Up Technology." Another seminar name made me, as the kids say, LOL, as it was entitled "Shameful Technical SEO Confessions." (Dad joke fast approaching:) I think we all know at this point what "LOL" means, but just in case you are unfamiliar with this hip acronym, it stands for "Luck of Ladybugs." Wow, kids, these days are so clever! What a magical and ($ 10-word warning:) esoteric way to express joy! What's that? Oh, I see…it has come to my attention that "LOL" actually means "Laugh Out Loud." Agree to disagree (LOL, just kidding).

Why Was Hostwinds at the Event?

Hostwinds was the main sponsor of the 2018 UnGagged Conference. It was an honor to be a part of this year's event.

Hostwinds' Experts Reppin' the Hostwinds Booth

As illustrated in this photo of our Hostwinds Experts at UnGagged, we had a blast. While delighting in some UnGagged Caesars Palace fun, our team also learned so much about effective marketing.

What Did Hostwinds do at this Event?

Throughout the course of UnGagged, the Hostwinds Team handed out sweet Hostwinds schwag and gave attendees information about our hard-to-beat prices, products, services, and support. We had backpacks, pens, mousepads, cups, t-shirts, and smiles for the public and 60-day free shared hosting deals for UnGagged guests. What's that? Are you curious to hear the Hostwinds Team's favorite part of the event? You ask such inquisitive and wise questions…you should be the next Katie Couric! To answer your question, I got the scoop from our Hostwinds Representatives. They told me they were overjoyed to be able to meet many different people from various industries during the after-hours meet and greet every evening after seminars. It is great to know our team of social butterflies was able to spread their wings and fly around this conference.

Social Butterflies

What UnGagged Is All About & What Hostwinds Is All About

I think it goes without saying that UnGagged is a spectacular gathering for anyone looking to expand their company's online influence. If you are looking to market or advertise your company in a positive light, this conference will be your personal instructor.

Creepin' on Hostwinds' Front-Line Director

Hostwinds sponsored UnGagged because we believe in education without limits. The Hostwinds Team attended the event because we wanted to learn more about how to disseminate our beneficial products and services to more people. Freedom and authenticity are what Hostwinds is all about, so naturally, we had to see what UnGagged was all about. Hostwinds is truly thankful to sponsor such an upfront and sincere marketing conference, and we hope to see you there next year.

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  November 6, 2018