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vBulletin & Hostwinds vBulletin Hosting

by: Hostwinds Team  /  August 9, 2019

How about a vBulletin slogan to kick this blog piece off in the corniest way humanly possible? What's that? Please don't do it? Okay, I'll try not to…oops!

vBulletin Slogan: Evolve and Expand Your Community Today! Grab the Veritable Bull by the Horns, Even a Tiny Bit, and Start a vBulletin Forum!

1. Was that slogan somewhat a stretch?

2. Is "Grab the Bull by the Horns" even a politically correct phrase anymore?

Hard to say.

As you may have already presumed, today's Hostwinds blog post topic is vBulletin and vBulletin Hosting!

Wait, What is vBulletin? A Hostwinds Team Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn social media post got the definition of vBulletin down pat:

"vBulletin is an application that allows you to conduct group discussions and forums. That is just the tip of the iceberg, though, folks."

Indeed it is! With that, we will explore some of the many features vBulletin offers.

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Moving on With Some vBulletin History to Get Us All Warmed Up: The marvelous application was first brought into the world in 2000.

vBulletin is a great place to give people the opportunity to connect, ask questions, and receive answers. It is idyllic for communities both large and small.

This online forum application contains some top-notch features, only some of which we will touch on throughout the course of this blog post.

vBulletin Features

This isn't your average group forum. vBulletin comes with copious amounts of great features, including user permission tools, user profile settings, and admin settings. Not to mention the app gives communities the ability to keep several windows open for a chat at the same time. Multiple people can chat with one another at once as well. This makes communicating really easy and fun!

Speaking of fun, set up polls and make community-wide announcements using vBulletin! Polls are always fun.

In addition to that, the application comes with a free calendar. vBulletin even has SEO tools for your discussion forum in case you want to make it easier for others to find your online community.

Knock Knock

Who's There?

More Features: vBulletin enables you to set up a blog and gives you the ability to email other people in the forum. Search for a post in vBulletin using the subject or the author's username. You are also free to add tags to threads.

Furthermore, vBulletin users can rate threads, post albums, and much more!

Guess What. Even More Features: vBulletin grants you the ability to somewhat design the way your forum looks aesthetically if you so choose.

Super Important Feature: This application has a phenomenal security system put in place. Speaking of systems, vBulletin offers an amazing support system, including but not limited to support tickets.

Now that we are well-versed on the subject of exemplary vBulletin features, why not get to know the ins and outs of hosting specifically designed to give your community a flawless online forum experience?

What is vBulletin Hosting?

*Thinking, Thinking, Thinking* What is the best way to introduce Hostwinds vBulletin Hosting?

*Lightbulb Imagery*

Okay, delightful audience, I'll just, as the kids these days are saying, "keep it real with you." Do yourself a favor and upgrade your life with Hostwinds vBulletin Hosting.

Why, you ask?

Boom, you got answers!

Hostwinds vBulletin Hosting servers come with vBulletin installed on them when they are ready for use. The most valuable part about vBulletin Hosting is that servers are optimized specifically for vBulletin.

It's nice when you don't have to configure or adjust a thing in order to use vBulletin. That is just one of many things that makes Hostwinds vBulletin Hosting a great investment.

There's More: vBulletin Hosting is scalable, so when your forum inevitably becomes vast, you can upgrade your vBulletin Hosting package in just a few clicks.

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Another Slogan, but This Time for vBulletin Hosting: Give your community the platform it deserves to connect and flourish. Give your community a vBulletin forum backed by hosting optimized specifically for the application. Give your community Hostwinds vBulletin Hosting!

P.S. vBulletin isn't the only application for which Hostwinds offers optimized hosting.

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Now that we've covered all the serious matters, onto the silly conclusion, we go!

Very Valuable vBulletin

Strong and efficient communication is paramount when it comes to building a successful business or building successful relationships in general, for that matter. vBulletin is the perfect tool to ensure businesses and individuals alike accomplish this. What a valuable resource!

Speaking of a valuable resource, when you get started with Hostwinds vBulletin Hosting, you receive complimentary 24/7/365 assistance from our support team.

Reach out to our team of experts anytime via Live Chat, support ticket, or phone anytime if you need help with your forum or Hostwinds account.

Now, let's all go so we can begin building our communities using vBulletin! What's that? That was an incredibly tacky way to end the blog post? Great point. We could create a hypothetical poll on vBulletin for the best way to conclude this blog post instead! What's that? That's not at all what you had in mind?

Possible Responses for Poll:

A. For the love of all that is good, please just end the blog post now.

B. End the blog post with a corny dad joke.

C. End the blog post with a picture of tumbling kittens.

D. Both B & C.

The hypothetical winning option was rhetorical option D! Apologies to those who hypothetically chose option A.

Have a wonderful day!

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  August 9, 2019