Warnings Come from Cisco About Internet Threats

Multiple internet attacks against the oil and gas industry have fueled recent warnings given by networking equipment manufacturer Cisco, according to an article published on the E Week website. The article outlines Cisco’s desire to remind people that they need “good Internet hygiene” to avoid and be protected from the multitude of internet threats in the world today.

Technical leader of Threat Research Analysis & Communications (TRAC) at Cisco, Craig Williams spoke in a press briefing, according to the article, focusing on three recent attacks including one known as a “watering hole” attack. Williams noted that all of these attacks could have been avoided if a simple set of “Internet security best practices” would have been followed properly, according to the report.

According to the article, a “watering hole attack” is when a popular website (the watering hole) is infected with some form of malicious software which then is distributed to all those who visit the site after the infection. The article states that Cisco discovered multiple websites run by members of the oil and gas industry that had become infected watering holes. Williams did not identify these companies by name, but did mention that some were run by large, major corporations and organizations.

Read more about Cisco’s discoveries and their thoughts regarding internet security here at E Week.

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