Web Hosting Talk Review Says Hostwinds Support is Best!

The Hostwinds Technical Support Team is continually proving to their clients – and to the entire web hosting industry – that they are serious about setting a standard of quality performance, true support and exemplary service.

Recently, a wonderful review was written on the prestigious forum “Web Hosting Talk” regarding an interaction between a client and a member of the Hostwinds Technical Support Team, Shane Wedgewood.  –  Read the full review at Web Hosting Talk  – HERE.

After reading this review, Micheal Brower,  Hostwinds’ Chief Operations Officer – overseer of the entire technical support process – responded by saying:

“Clients that go the extra mile to post about their experiences on forums, especially Web Hosting Talk, is a huge positive… and incredibly encouraging to us as web hosting professionals. Outreach like this from one of our clients is a huge honor – to us as a team and as a company.

An act like this is nothing to ignore or take for granted.

It means that they were so satisfied with how they were treated, that they went out of their way to make a posting, and in this case, the client seem to have registered with Web Hosting Talk just to post this positive review of his experience. Again, for this act of kindness and gratitude we are also grateful. We work hard each day to serve our customers – not for praise or reviews – but simply because we believe they deserve the best.

We firmly believe that we are here to provide…but also to truly serve.”

Hostwinds would like to thank all of our clients for being the most important part of the Hostwinds Family.

We would not be here without you.

Thank You!!

Your ongoing business is appreciated.

The Hostwinds Team


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