Why Dedicated Hosting Might or Might Not Be Your Best Choice

If you’ve been looking around and trying to find the best web hosting solution for your site you’ve probably seen the option of dedicated hosting. Pretty much every good web hosting provider offers dedicated hosting packages, along with shared hosting. At first, it can be kind of confusing trying to decide which kind of hosting is the perfect fit for you.

Lots of people think that just because something costs more that it has to be better than their cheaper counterpart. So they think that dedicated hosting is what they should choose. Truth is, both shared and dedicated can be a good choice. It all depends on your needs and your budget.

Understanding What Dedicated Hosting Really is

Unlike shared hosting, where your site would share all the server resources with other accounts on the same server, dedicated hosting gives you your own server dedicated to you. The hosting company maintains the server’s hardware for you and lets you run your site on it.

There’s usually a prepackaged suite of software and programs installed and ready for your use. You simply decide which ones you want to use and activate them. You are also often free to install new ones at your discretion.

On shared hosting, the amount of traffic your site can handle is limited. But with dedicated hosting, it isn’t a concern since there’s no chance of your site’s traffic bogging down other sites on the server and vice versa.

The Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

The advantages listed here look enticing, we know. But please understand that sometimes a site simply doesn’t need all these options. Sure, we love to sell higher-ticket packages. But only when it’s a good fit. Here at HostWinds, we don’t want to see you overspending. If your site is brand new and gets very little traffic, you probably don’t need this yet. If you run a small personal blog then you probably don’t need it. But if your site gets lots of traffic, if you’re running a big business or you expect to quickly get to that point, then by all means, dedicated hosting may be the best choice.

Stability & Scalability & Flexibility

With dedicated hosting, the chances of you needing to move your site to bigger, better hosting in the near future is very minimal. If you were on shared hosting and your site suddenly became popular, bringing in tons of visitors, then you could quickly come to realize that you need a server dedicated to your site in order to handle it. If you decide you need to add more sections, software or programs onto your site then you’re able to do so with no problem.


On shared hosting, you are normally limited on how much control you have since there are other sites and accounts using the same server. But with dedicated hosting, you are given more control since it’s only your sites changes can affect. One example of this is whether or not you are given root access.

Variety of Available Features

You are given a variety of features that most shared hosting doesn’t come with. Of course, this will depend on your web host. Some offer a large suite or scripts, software, e-commerce tools, etc… Some will give you just a few and leave it up to you to add in whatever other ones that you might want.


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