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How the Cloud Affects Business Web Hosting’s Present and Future Featured Image

How the Cloud Affects Business Web Hosting’s Present and Future

by: Jacob Blynthe  /  August 8, 2013

The Cloud Means Fast, Reliable Operation and Low Costs For Most Businesses

A cloud server permits real-time connection between a massive amount of computers – all hooked into a reliable and high-performance bank of servers. The cloud can back up important files and programs and allows the user to access these files via multiple platforms. This is a major convenience to those companies that have employees who telecommute or who are in several locations each week. The cloud is highly reliable and will no doubt become the standard for hosting as time goes on.

Why Does The Cloud Make More Sense Than In-House Network Upgrades?

For the business owner who needs to make a decision to upgrade or replace their existing business web hosting, the cloud is a terrific alternative. First off – cloud hosting means minimal hardware and software issues for the business and the in-house IT department. The cloud server acts as the bank of servers that would normally inhabit a corner room under lock and key.

Web Hosts That Offer Cloud Hosting Add Flexibility To Their Offerings

For web hosts who offer traditional VPS setups or dedicated server offerings, a cloud can add an additional option for new or existing clients. While dedicated servers have their benefits, and VPS arrangements can help smaller operations get online via a flexible server, cloud servers can help any business operate efficiently and for little cost. Monthly fees for cloud servers are quite low and add a level of flexibility and reliability that many other server types can't match. More and more web hosting companies will have to offer cloud hosting to stay competitive, and this can only translate to good news for the end-user.

Businesses will continue to demand high levels of bandwidth, disk space, and RAM, and cloud hosting is a great way to support the needs of our nation's small businesses.

Written by Jacob Blynthe  /  August 8, 2013