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Keep Your Head in the Clouds: Why Cloud Hosting is Popular Featured Image

Keep Your Head in the Clouds: Why Cloud Hosting is Popular

by: Andrea Martin  /  August 7, 2013

The cloud has become big – really big. Though it debuted as an open-source hosting option in the year 2008, the cloud has quickly emerged as a leading way for individuals and businesses to manage the flow of information into and out of their networks. Though it seems like the latest in cutting-edge technology, the cloud is actually a simple concept.

By allowing an offsite company to manage your information via a series of highly secure servers, your group can access the information it needs from practically anywhere. This eliminates a list of unproductive activities within your organization and can save a substantial amount of money down the road. There are several reasons why cloud hosting has become so popular. Some of the key reasons are:

  • It Saves You or Your Company Money! With any server upgrade project, there is the potential to spend thousands of dollars on hardware, software, applications, and operating systems. Add in the countless hours to configure, optimize and ensure total system harmony, and you have a recipe for major budgetary overruns. Why not pay a small monthly fee and let a cloud host complete the transfer and management of your data?
  • You'll See Better Performance. Hosting companies that offer cloud services can afford to spend significant sums of money on the best servers, as well as the most reliable software and O/S packages on the market. When you or your company decides to buy a server for the office, you're less likely to install the type of unit that a large hosting organization would.
  • Data Security is Better. The cloud has become popular among many users due to the high level of data security that is inherent among cloud hosting companies. These organizations are able to spend the time and money on the latest security protocols and have dedicated IT personnel who work to ensure total data safety. You'll also see a more reliable performance with cloud hosting due to the multiple layers of redundant features like backup generators and secure server sites.
  • No Reliance On Hardware. The cloud is popular because it doesn't rely on your hardware to ensure optimized performance. You don't need to worry about running low on RAM or hard drive space. A cloud is essentially infinite in its power to manage the flow of information in and out of your network.

Cloud computing is here to stay and has become the responsible choice for many individuals and businesses who see a clear advantage to keeping your files up in the virtual cloud. Increased data security, better overall system performance, access to your files from anywhere, and less overall cost all adds up to a wise choice for just about any individual or business.

Written by Andrea Martin  /  August 7, 2013