Three Main Benefits of Buying VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a unique hosting plan that has grown in popularity over the years. It is a bridge between the cheaper shared hosting and highly functional dedicated hosting plans. As such, it is not only cheap, but also packs a host of interesting features that can revolutionize your web hosting experience. For instance, because VPS divides a single physical server into smaller virtual servers, you can use it to host many websites. You can also sublet some virtual servers to other web enthusiasts, to make a little money on the side. This is because all virtual servers have their own private hosting environments and hosting resources such as operating systems (Windows or Linux) and functional control panels. This article highlights three other major benefits of buying VPS hosting.


Virtual Servers are Cheap

In addition to being robust and more flexible than shared hosting and dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting is very cost-effective. This is twofold. First, because its main server is divided into independent virtual machines/servers, you can run multiple websites under one account. This saves you a lot of money that you could have other used to buy several shared or dedicated server, hosting accounts. Finally, the ‘multi-tenancy’ component of reseller VPS plans can help you make money. After installing the main software template on your physical machine, you can use abstraction layers to create virtual machines that you can lease to other web enthusiasts, on a budget. This also saves you a lot of money.


More Security

If you are running an online business, you must make sure that your establishment is safe from virus attacks and hackers. Another major benefit of buying VPS hosting is that it is very safe. This is three-fold. First, unlike shared hosting where pre-installed software governs your operations, you have full control of your hosting account, while using a VPS account. You have full access to a private root folder where you can upload files, install application, and so forth. Unlike shared hosting, no web enthusiast can destroy your file system, by uploading a malicious file.

Secondly, virtualization using abstraction layers comes in handy during disaster recovery situations. Because you do store data or install applications from different virtual accounts on the main kernel of your account, you can easily do a tactical backup and or recovery, without inducing downtime. Finally, with VPS hosting, you can easily backup your data into an image. If a virus or something malicious corrupts your data, you can restore your data, reboot it on another node, or migrate it between different nodes, while maintaining zero downtime.


Instant Scalability

Scalability of a VPS hosting account is virtually unmatched. You can easily scale it up or down, depending on what you are after. For instance, you can choose from several powerful control panels. Yo can also choose the operating system (Linux or Windows) of your hosting account. Finally, as your website or reseller business grows, you can upgrade web resources such as Central Processing Unit (CPU) or Random Access Memory (RAM) on the fly. This is unlike dedicated web hosting where to make such major changes or upgrades, you must induce a forced downtime.

Even though the benefits of buying VPS hosting cannot be understated, make sure that you buy the service from a reputable company. Research, do comparisons, and seek informed referrals, to increase your chances of success.

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